Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Gameday Quotes

Thanks to NCSUCodeMonkey (who played Lionel Joseph) for writing down the following quotes:

Nakia (playing Arturo): "Exploding vampire midget clowns killed my character!"

Lionel Joseph: "Never underestimate the powers of a drunk." (refering to Roger Zane)

Wild Jack Carson:"Domo Arigoto..."
Max-23: "...Mr. Roboto".

Wild Jack: "Dark energy makes everthing better."

Lionel: "We need to keep her a VIRGIN. I know that word doesn't mean anything to you."
Roger: "Most don't!"

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Monday, April 24, 2006

Gameday Report

I'm pleased to report that this weekend's NC Gameday episode of Silverlode 1908: Dances With Werewolves went very well. I had a group of five excellent players and everyone really got into the spirit of Weird West Risus adventure. Of the available characters, Arturo Ramirez, Wild Jack Carson, Lionel Joseph, Roger Zane, and Max-23 were selected. All were played with style and panache.

Now that Dances With Werewolves is out of the rotation (so to speak), I can finally post a summary of what happened in both the official campaign version and the Gameday (alternate universe?) version. The official version is mostly written and just needs editing. The Gameday version might be a little shorter since I wasn't taking as many notes during the session and thus will have to be written completely from memory. Alas, I'm also hoping that somebody wrote down at least few of the many hilarious quotes.

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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Gameday Characters

For this weekend's Game Day session of Silverlode: Dances with Werewolves, players will have their choice of the following characters:

Mathilda Yvonne Hattrack
A charming adventuress and intprepid photographer of nature (who just happens to be a secret government agent).

Jackson "Wild Jack" Carson
A world-famous two-fisted archaeologist and master of dangerous occult rituals.

J. Robert Hinkley
An ethusiastic and unflappable student of Science! with a near-endless supply of ACME gadgets.

Lionel Joseph
A Buffalo Soldier who wanders the land on his unusually intelligent cavalry horse, accompanied by the ghost of a fallen comrade.

Boris Makarov
An aging Dwarven Mad Scientist and Professor of Engineering, long since retired from the Imperial Russian Army.

A steam-powered Autonomous Mechanical Marvel!

Roger Zane
A scruffy and maloderous prospector who has "seen strange sights".

The following character is already spoken for (by Nakia):

Arturo Sebastian Ramirez
A gunslinging musician and Hunter of the Dead.

Note that while most of these characters are based on existing characters from the regular campaign, certain modifications have been made to make them more suitable for convention play.

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Friday, March 10, 2006

Risus Monkey at NC Game Day

I'll be running Silverlode: Dances with Werewolves at NC Game Day X. Drop by this thread over at EN World to discuss getting in on the action before registration opens on March 17th. Here's the listing:

In the spring of 1908, President Roosevelt has sent agents to Silverlode, Colorado to investigate suspicious foreign interest in local occult activity. These investigations are interrupted when the daughter of a prominent U.S. government official is carried off by rampaging werewolves.

Silverlode 1908 is a Risus game set in the last days of the Weird West. Players will assume the roles of US government agents (or exceptionally concerned citizens) in the fictional town of Silverlode, a former boomtown suffering from a reputation for strange occurrences. The mysterious Anasazi were only one of many famous disappearances from the area and foul things are rumored to inhabit the old silver mines that were once a source of great wealth for the region. At the dawn of the new century, Silverlode acts like a magnet for curious occultists, courageous adventurers, and covetous treasure seekers from all over the world.

NOTES: We will be using a "semi-serious" version of Risus: the Anything RPG. Rules and examples of play can be found at Pre-Gen PCs will be provided, though player-created PCs may used if approved by the GM.

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