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Moon Goddess: Scene 3

Introduction to this thread: The Moon Goddess Is A Harsh Mistress
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Mythic elements: What's All This Mythic Stuff?
Previous Scene: Scene 2

In which the woman returns, Katja is taken outside for the first time, and she is driven to the woman's dacha to prepare for her magical demonstration.

The Silver Huntress (her deity)
Drachen (her old warhorse)
Woman in Uniform
The Woman's Mother

* Escape from the "Tower"
* Regain Contact with the Silver Huntress
* Demonstrate magic to the woman in the uniform

CHAOS FACTOR: 6 (holding steady)


Expecting the woman to arrive with an armed guard the next day, the scene is altered.
Q: Does the woman come without the armed guard [50/50]? Yes.
Q: Does the woman have one or more companions [Likely]? No. Interesting.
Q: Does the woman come sooner than expected [50/50]? Yes.
RANDOM EVENT [NPC Action (Woman), Malice Possessions, clarified(?) by Brewers (Bully, Bravest Pagan Knight)... the woman is going to bully Katja to wear the clothes and either the woman or her mother are "pagan knights"].
Several hours later, as Katja is once again doing breathing and flexibility exercises (a useful habit in her isolation), the door to her cell is suddenly unbolted. The woman enters briskly, holding what is obviously a small projectile weapon.

Woman: "The clothes. Wear them now or you stay in this cell and rot."

She is obviously agitated, more annoyed and angry than frightened.

Katja quickly weighs the potential outcomes of resisting and then decides to relent. She has no weapons and no power. She is helpless. Since it may be her only chance to escape, she casts off her "proletariat" prison clothing. Suddenly aware of her nakedness, she quickly dons the silk small clothes and embroidered dress. The woman roughly laces her up in back and then she awkwardly puts on the strange black boots with raised heels.

The Woman looks at Katja and mutters something under her breath.

Katja: "Satisfied?"

Woman: "Not even close. Let's go. Walk in front of me. Act like you own the place. It should be easy for an aristocrat like yourself."
Q: Does Katja feel anything (supernaturally) now that she is wearing the clothes [50/50]? No.
Katja's suspicions are aroused. This would not seem to be the expected behavior of someone in authority. Is this woman trying to steal her out of the prison? And why make her wear the dress? She made no effort to clean up other aspects of Katja's appearance (certainly, her hair must be a mess).

Katja leaves the cell with the woman's projectile weapon in her back.
Q: Is it a hallway with other cells [Likely]? Yes.
Q: Any indication that the other cells are populated [Very unlikely (given that Katja has never heard anybody else since she's been here)]? No.
Q: Any sign of guards [50/50]? No.
The woman marches Katja down the hall, past rows of apparantly uninhabited cells much like her own. There are no signs of guards. In fact, there is sign that this place has even been inhabited in quite some time.

Katja: "Where is everybody?"
Q: Does the woman answer her question [50/50]? Yes. [CQ (Brewers): "Waking the Witch" interpeted as historical evidence of past torture regime...perhaps ghosts are involved]
Woman: "We don't use this part of the facility anymore. [Q: "Ignorant" (Unlikely)? Yes] Ignorant people say it is haunted. The [Q: "czars" (50/50)? Yes] czars used to keep special prisoners here. The stories of attrocities... well, they are even shocking in this day and age. It's a wonder we discovered you at all."

A chill runs up Katja's spine. How did they discover her? And why did they let her stay in here? Then she surmises that the "ignorant" people may have concluded that her appearance was part of the haunting. It's lucky for her that she was fed and not simply ignored.

Katja decides to let the matter drop for the time being. But as spooky as this all seems, she thinks she smells a small opportunity.

The woman leads Katja up a small flight of stairs to a door. While the woman retrieves the keys to open the door, Katja asks, "Did your mother have a connection to this place?"
Q: Did she [Likely]? Yes.
The woman pauses before opening the door and looks Katja in the eyes. "She died here. One of the last crimes of the Czar before he was deposed. She was wearing that dress when she died." Opening the door, she whispers forcefully, "You are now my mother's ghost. Act like it. Quickly, through the door, down the hall, and outside. Do not stop until I say so."
Q: Is the hall beyond the door inhabited by guards or other official personnel [Likely]? Yes.
Q: Katja rolls 6 on her Aristocrat cliche, is it enough to pose as the spirit of the woman's mother (in other words, are the guards spooked) [50/50]? Yes.
Katja does as the woman asks. She strides forward with a vague angry look in her eye. Rather than trying to produce a wailing or moaning, she opts to silently mouth all her frustrations in the hopes that it will keep her appearance more mysterious and less mundane. Looking about, she notices various guards (looking much like those of her dream) and other officials go white at the site of her. Some make superstitous gestures. A few turn and run. No one makes a move to stop Katja as she walks down the hall and exits the building...
Q: Is it day [Very likely]? Yes (Random Event - see below).
Q: Is it sunny [unlikely]? Yes.
... into the light of a late winters day.
RANDOM EVENT: PC Positive. Ruin of Military. Interpreted as explosive diversion to assist in escape

Q: Did the woman follow her out [Unlikely]? No.
Q: Does she rejoin Katja in the yard in a vehicle [Likely]? Yes.
Katja strives to keep from squinting in the harsh light. She hasn't seen real sunlight in over two years. The light is almost blinding. But she strives to maintain the illusion of incorporeality. So far, it appear to be working. People are backing away from her and everyone is quiet. Then, a hard looking man with short blond hair and a nasty scar starts shouting orders in a language that Katja doesn't understand. People start to move towards her. Where is the woman? She is no longer behind her. Suddenly, there is a large explosion to her left and she can see a pillar of fire and smoke rise up towards the sky. The soldiers look in that direction and many move to help with the fire.

It is at this moment that a strange gray-green vehicle comes screeching to a stop in front of Katja. The impossibility of this horseless carriage hits her hard and she is left there standing, mouth agape as the woman yells at her, "Don't just stand there like an idiot! Get in!"

Katja shakes herself and does as the woman says, fumbling with the door's opening mechanism before finally gaining entrance. She shuts the door and the carriage races off at a fantastic speed. There is much noise and commotion, but it is not long before this subsides in the distance.

Katja summons the courage to speak, "Your world is so... strange. Clearly you have mastered magic the likes of which I have never seen. But it doesn't feel magical. It feels dirty and... mundane. I'm at a loss."

Woman: "You have never seen an automobile before? Yes, if your story checks out then that would make sense. There is no magic in the vehicle. It runs on scientific principals. The only magic that you have witnessed today is the power of ignorance and superstition."

Katja: "This was an escape or at least a kidnapping. You don't have the blessing of your authorities for what you do."

Woman: "Of course not. But that does not mean that I cannot achieve retroactive permission. If your claims prove to be true, the State will forgive this little incident. Your claims better prove to be true. Otherwise, we are both likely dead women. Or worse."

Katja: "Why risk your life..."
Q: Does she claim it is about her mother [50/50]? No
Q: Does she take a sympathetic tone [50/50]? Extreme no.
Woman: "It wasn't out of concern for your well being, let me assure you. Achieving rank naturally creates enemies. Every dark alley holds a knife in the back. Every banquet holds a poison goblet. And every innocuous report contains a sentence to Siberia. The way to avoid such a fate is to build leverage. There is traditional leverage, which I have of course stockpiled in quantity. But such leverage is fragile. True power comes from being indispensable. You could make me indispensable."

Katja: "I'm not sure I believe you. Your mother..."

Woman: "Believe what you will. Do not talk about my mother. Her role in this has concluded."

Katja considers pressing the issue, but thinks better of it. Best to wait until there is an opportunity to escape.

The two drive for [Q: hours (Likely)? yes] hours in silence along deserted roads through dark and ancient forests. Katja considers her strategy.


CHARACTERS - Adding the man with the nasty scar.

* Escape from the mysterious woman
* Regain Contact with the Silver Huntress
* Demonstrate magic to the woman in the uniform
* Solve the mystery of the woman's mother

Updated Chaos Factor 5 (Katja's situation has noticeably improved)

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