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Moon Goddess Is A Harsh Mistress: Scene 1

For an introduction to this Mythic adventure (including stats for Katja), see this post.

DISCLAIMER: This is an actual log of my Mythic session. I have only edited it for format and obvious errors. If this were a story, I'd no doubt write it differently.

In which we find Katja alone in a cell, trying to cope with isolation. She cannot see the sky and has only been able to mark the passage of time through her monthly cycle. There is no apparent means of escape and she has not dreamed of the Silver Huntress in the many months of her imprisonment.

CHARACTERS (from Personal List)
The Silver Huntress (her deity)
(I'm leaving her other associates back home on her own world)

* Escape from the "Tower"
* Regain Contact with the Silver Huntress



The scene is altered (something must change, or there would be no adventure).
Q: Is she still alone [Near a sure thing]? Yes.
Q: Can she suddenly see the sky (specifically, the moon) [Very unlikely]? Extreme no.
Q: Is there an escape opportunity [50/50]? No.
So we begin with a dream.
CQ: What is the nature of the dream [Brewers]? Obstacle Race
Katja is riding on the back of Drachen (her former warhorse and animal companion) in hot pursuit of something. She is leaping over stone fences, splashing through streams, dodging pillars of rocks. Whatever she is pursuing, it is fast and it wants to get away. But for the first time in what seems like years, Katja is experiencing the exhilaration of the hunt. She has the hunger. She will not be denied. It feel so good to have Drachen under her saddle. The moon is a bright ally above her. She feel like she is getting close and she raises her spear...
CQ: What is she hunting [Wikipedia]? the Scottish founder of the Special Air Service? (wtf?)
Q: Has she walked into an ambush of pulp-era soldiers [50/50]? Yes (I should note that I was open to any sort of world or genre, not just D&D-style fantasy).
...and find herself confronted by at least a dozen soldiers in long gray coats wielding strange looking spears or staff. Instinctively, she knows they are projectile weapons and that she has gone from hunter to hunted in a heartbeat. Fight, flee, or surrender? The odds are impossible but she cannot surrender. She's done surrendering. So she rides...hard... right at them. The weapons of the soldiers produce a storm of smoke and lighting and Drachen squeals in pain, toppling forward.
Q: Does Katja emerge from the crash and flee into the woods [50/50]? Yes
Katja lets the momentum of her falling steed carry her over the ambush and she miraculously rolls on the soft ground. She springs up and dashes into the dark of the wood. Looking down, she realizes that she is wearing dirty peasant clothes of unfamiliar style. She also realizes that it is cold and there is snow on the ground. Without warm clothes, she won't be able to survive long. But better to freeze in the woods to than to give in. So she runs.
Q: Does the pursuit continue [50/50]? No
And the sounds of pursuit fade. The world seems quiet and the moon illuminates the snow almost to the light of day. She comes to a clearing with a menhir at its center. A place of power, even in this alien land. She looks up and says a
word of thanks to the Silver Huntress, and touches the menhir.
Q: Does she wake [50/50]? No
She traces barely perceptible runes with her fingers. It looks like Druidic writing, but she can't make it out. Then she hears the howl of a wolf in the distance.
Q: Is there a sound of pursuit [50/50]? No
Q: A voice, perhaps [50/50]? No
Q: Red eyes on the clearing's edge [50/50]? No
CQ: What happens next [Brewers]? Dam'ask Linen.
Something catches her eye on the edge of the clearing. It looks like a corpse, frozen from exposure. She is wearing elaborately woven clothes with a silver wolf motif.
Q: Is it Katja [50/50]? Yes.
She turns over the body to stare into her own eyes. With that, she looks up and realizes the soldiers have caught her. They fire their weapons and then blackness. She then wakes up.
Q: Are there woven linen clothes in her cell [50/50]? Extreme yes (exactly like
her dream).
Q: Is her cell reminiscent of a Soviet Gulag [Very likely]? Yes.
She stares around the cell that has been her home for these long months. There is the uncomfortable bed, a wool blanket, a dirty metal toilet, and an impregnable iron door with a slat for her food and water. A strange, near
magical light illuminates the room, depriving her of darkness for a comfortable sleep. Her clothes... yes, the same drab, gray peasant's clothes of her dream. The walls are marked with scratches to denote a count of her monthly cycles... her only method of keeping time.

All this is the same sight that has met her eyes for countless days. Yet upon this waking there is something different. There is a neatly folded pile of clothes by the door.

She considers yelling out in frustration and puzzlement, but she gave up on that months ago. Nobody has ever answered. But nobody has even given her clothes before. She turns them over and is surprised to discover that they look exactly like the clothes on the body of her dead dream self.

To herself (as has become her habit), "Now that is something! I haven't had a vision since I arrived in this gray hell. Not exactly the clothes that I'd pick out for myself. And I'm not sure if I really want to be wearing clothes associated with me getting killed. Someone.... dare I hope... no, she can't be here... can she? The dream had to be a warning."

Yes, she concludes, the dream had been a warning to be wary of the new gift. The gift appears to be a baroque dress embroidered with a silver wolf motif. Whomever placed it into her cell clearly knows something about her calling. Is
this some kind of test? Does she dare hope that her patron has found her?

She rubs her temples. The light of the strange lamp hurts her eyes, especially the way it flickers in a manner entirely different from that of a candle's flame. "If it's a test of my faith then I must pass. I may not get another

With that, she places the clothes on the bed and waits.


CHARACTERS - Added Soldiers and the Mysterious Benefactor (and pull in the Silver Huntress from her Personal List, since she is mentioned). I'll add Drachen to the list as well (though would seem unlikely that he'd show up).

* Escape from the "Tower"
* Regain Contact with the Silver Huntress
* Discover the identity of the person who gave her the embroidered clothes

Updated Chaos Factor 6

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