Monday, April 24, 2006

Gameday Report

I'm pleased to report that this weekend's NC Gameday episode of Silverlode 1908: Dances With Werewolves went very well. I had a group of five excellent players and everyone really got into the spirit of Weird West Risus adventure. Of the available characters, Arturo Ramirez, Wild Jack Carson, Lionel Joseph, Roger Zane, and Max-23 were selected. All were played with style and panache.

Now that Dances With Werewolves is out of the rotation (so to speak), I can finally post a summary of what happened in both the official campaign version and the Gameday (alternate universe?) version. The official version is mostly written and just needs editing. The Gameday version might be a little shorter since I wasn't taking as many notes during the session and thus will have to be written completely from memory. Alas, I'm also hoping that somebody wrote down at least few of the many hilarious quotes.

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