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Risus Monkey

Lionel Joseph

Unknown Buffalo Soldier

Description: A powerfully built African-American man wearing a well-worn but well-maintained uniform of the 9th Cavalry. Reserved around strangers, especially white strangers, he warms considerably aroound those who have earned his friendship. Only occasionally seen talking to his dead friend Jacob Jackson.

Clichés: Buffalo Soldier (4), Spiritually Gifted Wanderer of the Old West (4).

Jacob Jackson: Buffalo Soldier (3), Ghost [3].

Chango: Unusually Intelligent Cavalry Horse (3).

Hook: Social Outcast - a Black Man who fought in the White Man's army against the Red Man (and who happens to talk to dead people). In other words, he's at half dice in most social situations where people are likely to be swayed by prejudice.

Languages: English, Spanish.

Equipment: Winchester rifle, heavy six-shooter, cavalry saber, lasso, knife, uniform, camping gear, additional clothing.

Tale: Lionel Josepeh was born to a Georgia sharecropping family in 1880. A natural horseman, he enlisted in the U.S. Army to see the world and experience a taste of freedom that he thought life in the west might provide. Shortly after enlisting, he found himself stationed in Florida, preparing to fight in the Spanish-American War. It was at this time that he met his good friend, Jacob Jackson, a cynical veteran Buffalo Soldier who became a mentor of sorts for young Lionel. The two soldiers became close friends and it hit Lionel rather hard when Jacob was killed during the charge up San Juan Hill. Almost immediately after the battle, Lionel was plagued by visions of his dead friend. An Afro-Carribean comrade-in-arms helped Lionel cope with these unsettling visitations by training him in Santería practices. However, before he could complete his training, Lionel was forced to return to the States at war's end. He continued to serve in the American west, but soon became disillusioned with having to pacify Indians and at the treatment he was receiving from white settlers. He finally left the Army in 1906 and has been wandering the west ever since.


Buffalo Soldier: Being strong, being brave, being disciplined, riding, shooting, sword-fighting.

Spiritually Gifted Wanderer of the Old West: Sensing, interacting with and commanding spirits; performing Santería rituals; showing up where he is needed most. Also riding, climbing, swimming, and surviving in the wilds.

Jacob Jackson - Ghost: Possessing people, entering people's dreams, altering probability, materializing, scaring people with poltergeist effects.

Chango - Unusually Intelligent Cavalry Horse: Being ridden, jumping, counting, fighting, understanding orders, finding his way back to Lionel.


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