SP3.1 Give Me Freedom

Erik: We don't really like the Watchers.
Wesley: Why not? They're fine, strapping young chaps.
Erik: Yeah, if you swing that way.

Michael: I'm looking for anyone who looks like thy're casing the joint.
Joshua: Oh, sorry.

GM: Mattias is doing scrying, the Temple are doing scrying in Israel, and the Watchers are doing research and scrying.
Erik: It's The Scrying Game.

Tatiania: He came here with me. I lay claim to him.
Michael: I claimed him first.
Erik: Claimed me? I'm not like a front seat!
Michael: More like a back seat.

Joshua: You're going to negotiate a rental?
Michael: Basically.
Drew: Congratulations, you're now Erik's pimp.

GM: Tori, Erik has named you his champion in a game of darts to determine if he is to be taken off to Fairy or allowed to return to the mortal world.
Drew: The question is, are you going to try to win?

Joshua: Erik didn't even get to try the hovercraft. He took a fairy to Europe.


SP3.2 Knight of the Sword (part 1)

Helga: It's Herr Doktor! He's been kidnapped!
Erik: Don't worry, this is what we do, ma'am.
Tori: Shut up, Erik.

Drew: An East German strategic bomber would get us to Malbork faster.
GM: Can you fly it?
Tori: I can!

Tori: If we had Marcy here, then... we'd have to have Marcy here.


SP3.3 Knight of the Sword (part 2)

Erik: I can't out-drink a Dwarf!

Doktor Schmidt: Johann Kessler was the midieval equivalent of a sergeant-major for the Teutonic Order. He translated commands between the officers and the rank-and-file of the men. He was also the first man knighted into the order after it was created and was considered the ideal of what a Teutonic Knight should be.
Drew: He was the very model of an ancient sergeant-major.

Drew: I think this Danish actually came from Denmark—via parcel post.

Temple Officer: They have German passports, Austrian passports, Dutch passports...
Drew: Spectre passports.

Archaeologist: This tunnel is very unstable.
Drew: So are we.

Tori: It's nice to be able to call the police, instead of dodging them.

GM: Gelato does not stop bullets.

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