Hartsdale: The flower of American youth. No wonder they're 49th in education.
—1.1 A Gathering of Slayers

Sam Kessler: The Slayer. 'Nuff said.

Drew Killian: Comic book nerd, superhero wannabe, and Slayer boyfriend. Who says dreams don't come true?

Tori Clark: She's rich, she's beautiful, she's snobby, she's popular, and she's the goddess of war.

Erik Sorensen: Aspiring artist with an interest in the occult.

Joshua Archer: Stage magic enthusiast, kleptomaniac, and CIA agent. Hey, who said girls got all the cool jobs?

Dr. Hiram Gersham: Professor of Eastern Philosophy and Religion at Martense. Seems to remember Michael from way back. Way, way, way back.

Juanita Madera: Best friend of Cora. A practitioner of Santeria, who's recently gotten reacquainted with her inner lizard. Sometime girlfriend of Erik and occasional Italian nun (not usually at the same time).

Pandora Jenkins: Precocious 16-year-old St. Germain's senior (she skipped a grade), who spent her sophomore year boarding with Drew's family. Oh, and there was that time they met the year before and she kicked the crap out of him.

Milchamah "Michael" Kashaph Saiyer ("Dodger"): Computer hacker, demon hunter, djinn. He's not just your mythology teacher, he is mythology.



Assistant Principal Teatart: Applaud when necessary.
—1.6 The Seal of Solomon

Jennifer Alvarez: Art student, soccer player, and freshman hallmate to Drew and Erik. A great admirer of Erik's, but she's on the soccer team and we know what happens to soccer players on this show.

Magnus Anderson (Torsten Dragonkeeper): Martense sophomore, recently arrived from Oslo (or wakened from a 1,000 year slumber, depending on which set of his recods you're reading). Norse hero whose job it is to wake the Midgaard Serpant at Ragnarok. Eventually. Currently, his job is counter guy at Bowl-A-Rama. Could he be Tori's boyfriend? Does that gig ever work out for anybody?

Xiu Mei Chen: Martense sophomore and member of a Chinese martial arts temple. Resident of the coveted tower room in St. Hubert's.

Anne Crewe: Computer geek and medieval history buff.

Graham Diehl: Foreign Service brat. Emphasis on the brat.

Moira Donovan: Manager at the Sacred Grounds and tour guide for ancient Irish folk heroes. On sabbatical in Ireland. With an ancient Irish folk hero.

Ada Godfrey: Sam's ultra-cool new Watcher. She'll research demons, lie to your parents, embezzle from the Council, book cool bands for Sacred Grounds, and she's hot. What more can Slayer Club ask for?

Robert Guererra: 10-year-old protege of Michael's.

Matthew Hartsdale: Sam's first Watcher, now playing Higgins on Drew's Jamaican rum plantation. No, seriously.

Jezebel Karellan: Former St. Germain's student, leader of Marcy's clique, one-time boarder with Tori's family, and demon princess. But with a name like Jezebel she couldn't possibly be evil.

Samuel Kessler: Sam's father. Mechanic, recovering alcoholic, and owner of Kessler's Auto Body Shop, Solomon's oldest garage.

Marcy Lee (Monsoon): Daughter of Sheriff Lee and once the most popular girl at Solomon High, before becoming a stoner and transferring to St. Germain's. Erstwhile friend of Tori. Leader of The Solomon Slayers, Solomon's most popular (or, at least, most media friendly) super hero team.

Callie Marshall (Valkyrie): One of the teen scene's beautiful people. And that's when she's not appearing as a seven-foot tall Norse goddess.

Tiffany: Tori's very talkative and bubbly—yet evil—freshman roommate.

Kevin Vastarley: Wiccan, goth, and—because his parents are in on the whole Slaying thing—perennial excuse as to where everybody is out late at night.

Anthony White: Sophomore from LA. Campus security volunteer, practicioner of Escrima, and boyfriend of Tiffany, which leads to some questions about his taste (or maybe he's just hard of hearing).


Guest Starring

Family (not that kind of Family)

Drew: Tori's father isn't evil. Who'd've thought?
—2.7 The Inspector

Isaiah Archer: Joshua's older brother. A bit uptight, but a great cook.

Rachel Archer: Aunt who Joshua is staying with in Solomon.

Rebecca Archer: Joshua's sister. An interior designer with a loft in Soho.

Ron Archer: Joshua's father. Despite being HR manager at an Atlantic City casino, he may be the most clueless man on Earth.

Tabitha Archer: Joshua's mother. A former Olympic gymnast turned coach and former U.S. government super-spy turned current U.S. government super-spy.

Tina Archer: Joshua's sister-in-law. She works in PR and she's from Westchester, but she's family, so we can't just stake her.

William Archer: Uncle who Joshua is staying with in Solomon.

Marilyn Clark: Tori's mother.

Thomas Clark: Tori's father, a renowned criminal defense attorney. Currently on assignment for Wolfram & Hart in another dimension.

Frankie Crewe: Anne's mother, an interior decorator with a penchant for inflicting her taste on everyone around her.

John Crewe Jr: Anne's father, an electrical engineer and troubleshooter who works for Lockheed. Travels frequently. For work, not because he's married to Frankie. Well, not just because he's married to Frankie

Madison Crewe: Anne's stepsister. A student at Martense College.

Ruth Danforth: Tori's maternal aunt. Owns a large and expensive beach house in the Outer Banks and enjoys Jeopardy! and tweedy British gentlemen.

Alexander Diehl: Graham's father, a foreign service officer currently on a two-year stint in Tashkent.

Grace Diehl: Graham's aunt, who has the misfortune of being stuck with him while his parents are living it up in Uzbekistan.

Jennifer Hartman: Graham's mother, a foreign service officer currently stationed in Tashkent.

Jessica Kavanaugh: Drew's mother's sister. A professor of history at UC Berkley.

Julia Kavanaugh: Drew's mother's other sister. Sense a theme here?

Jillian Killian: Drew's mother. A manager at Solomon Savings & Loan and a prime example of a woman who should have kept her maiden name.

Dr. Stephen Killian: Drew's father. A professor of political science at Martense college.

Lars Sorensen: Erik's father.

Sabrina Sorensen: Erik's mother. Ren Faire groupie.

Congressman Thomas Sorensen (R-MA): Represents the district including Solomon. Erik's grandfather and partial source of support for the Sorensen family. Still not shown to be evil, although you gotta think it's only a matter of time.

Cynthia Matilda Aegastilan Vastarley: Kevin's mother, a very successful civil rights lawyer. Occasionally co-authors books with her husband under the pseudonym "Light Eagle". Known as "Astar Melodia Vental" in the coven.

Roger Wilbert Vastarley: Kevin's father, a Stay at home dad and a author, under the pseudonym "Wind Runner". Known as "Mater Noldalic Pastec" in the coven.

Teachers and Classmates

Kevin: Nobody's going to notice. This is Solomon. "Is it bitting me? No? Then it's okay."
—2.2 Adventures in Baby Sitting

Russell Barrows: Student, SCA member, and amateur evil wizard. Plus, he's a big jerk.

Aaron: Martense senior who runs The Challenge. Now graduated.

Andy: Martense junior, whose hobbies include drinking, playing on the wrestling team, and drinking. One of Nicolas's recruits to travel to the French Revolution, where he got drunk and thrown in jail.

Oliver Brandt: Martense freshman from England.

Mr. Cavanaugh: Solomon High's new bio teacher. Bad career move.

Professor Crum: St. Germain's biology teacher with a reputation for experimenting on animals.

Andrea Czarbach: St. Germain's graduate, now living in New York trying to make it on Broadway. Interested in acting and not much else, which wasn't really a survival trait under the Bathory regime. However, she (or someone in her family) makes excellent brownies.

Bert Edgerton: The student of ill luck—he's flunking calculus, his girlfriend dumped him, and his financial aid has run out. Oh yeah, and he missed the second semester of freshman year after getting meningitis. Stay away from him at parties.

Bonnie Emery: Solomon High history teacher, with a particular interest in Norwegian...uh...culture.

Erica: Martense cheerleader. One time (literally) date of Joshua.

Peter Finlon: Solomon High graduate. One of Mr. Saiyer's better students.

Professor Flipwit: St. Germain's potions teacher.

Professor Frankenworth: Teacher at St. Germain's. Not exactly the highlight of their faculty, one hopes, although he has been smart enough to survive the various purges of recent years.

Greg: Martense junior, whose hobbies include getting drunk, playing football, and getting drunk. One of Nicolas's recruits to travel to the French Revolution, where he got drunk and thrown in jail.

Tom Hayden: Solomon's star quarterback. Survived to play all four years, although he missed the last half of his senior season after being nearly sacrificed by cultists of Baal. Boyfriend of the late Tanya Carter.

Cora Hicks: Goth wiccan and SHS graduate. Joshua's girlfriend until she became a lesbian. Can see and talk to the dead. This being Solomon, that means she's never lonely.

Chet Hudson: Drunken Martense rugby player (like that isn't totally redundant).

Marshall Jamison: Martense art history professor.

Mr. Jamison: Solomon High history teacher known for giving really hard tests. No relation.

Joel: Martense senior. One of Nicolas's recruits to travel to the French Revolution.

Julia: Head of the bell-ringers at Martense.

Mari Jergen: Martense freshman studying biology to help in her family business raising "unusual" pets on a farm in Vermont.

Harvey Kastran: Solomon High principal. He's a nice principal; even the creepy religious cult he belongs to is a friendly, new-age creepy religious cult.

Iman Kahlil: Martense chaplain.

Mr. Krugerov: Solomon High psychology teacher.

Yvette Leslie: JA, Radagast hall. Member of the crew team,

Mrs. Linkletter: Environmental studies teacher, environmental activist, skin cream poster girl.

J.P. Malion: Sam's totally hot freshman sculpture professor.

Jennifer Marshall: Former SHS student. Alex was staying with her family while she spent a year in France as an exchange student. Not that he lasted a whole year. Or semester.

Max Minier: Computer Science grad student. At least, until he blew a $10 million Wolfram &: Hart hacking bounty.

Brian Moorcock: St. Germain's theoretical thaumaturgy teacher. Taught Sam at Solomon High the year the two schools were combined.

"Pyro" Pete Moreland: Solomon High chemistry teacher, resident explosives expert, and Baal cultist.

Father Murphy: Martense chaplain.

Ian Nelson: JA, Radagast hall.

Nicolas: Martense graduate. Formerly a student at St. Germain's. Hatched a plot to travel back in time to the French Revolution to liberate an artifact belonging to his former school's namesake.

Nikko: Martense graduate. Formerly a student at St. Germain's. Hatched a plot to change history by traveliong back in time to the French Revolution to liberate free his former school's namesake from prison.

James Polling: JA, Radagast hall.

Dylon Reese: Civil War re-enactor who likes to play the part of a Confederate spy. And you thought Slayer Club was geeky!

Sasha Reese: Hot linguistics major and campus security volunteer (now graduated), who Erik managed to get himself partnered with during his stint on the security squad freshman year.

Nicholas Rice: St. Germain's administrator who spent the combined year as Solomon High assistant principal in charge of the new class offerings.

Curtis Shoeman: St. Germain's goon.

Susan Singleton: MURP club official, now graduated.

Tony Sosa: Former MURP president, now graduated. Also a mage. But not a very good one.

Genivieve Taylor: Former MURP vice-president, now graduated.

Assistant Principal Teatart: A towering individual with an expression of simmering rage, he is Solomon High's primary disciplinarian. He specializes in keeping a watchful eye out for "cult activities."

Susie Tenaka: An apparently normal sophomore. She must be evil.

Stephanie Tenet: JA, Radagast hall. Member of the crew team.

Professor Throckmorton: Psychology department professor, interested in dreams and sleep research. With a name like Throckmorton, you just know he's evil (and he is!).

Tina: Clueless Martense sophomore. One of Nicolas's recruits to travel to the French Revolution.

Artemus Topak Head of Martense's history department. Michael's boss.

Joe Trujillo: MURP secretary, now graduated.

Ronald Tyler: JA, Radagast hall. Quasi-stoner.

Craig Ulrich: St. Germain's goon.

Professor Gary Veckner: Head of the Martense Media Lab and former programmer for Wolfram & Hart.

Wallace: A member of the special security force and of the Challenge Club with an annoying nasal voice.

Beatrice Willis: Martense senior and crew team member. One of Nicolas's recruits to travel to the French Revolution.

Director Wilson: Director of Security for Martense College.

Erin Whyle: JA, Radagast hall.

Cassandra Yang: JA, Radagast hall.

Daniel Yim: JA, Radagast hall. Quasi-stoner.

Michael Zahn: Solomon High Latin teacher and Baal Cultist.

Allies, Advisors, and that Kind of Family

Joshua: Who's that, the Combat Reference Librarian?
—1.10 Hello Kitty

Professor Christopher Astin: Time traveller with cool gizmos and bad fashion sense.

Dr. William Audley: Renowned professor of colonial history at Martense College.

Mary Borden: South Florida Potential Slayer and, like all women of a certain age, one time date of Joshua.

Chang: Ancient Chinese warrior who lived for a while as Sam's dog.

Coliban: Mr. Karellan's minotaur henchman.

Father Davidson: Former priest of Sam's perish. Now transferred to Hawaii.

Melina Demetra: An immortal witch who's hobbies include skinny dipping and stalking demon hunters. Jilted lover of a previous incarnation of Drew. Founder of the Benandanti and currently their "prisoner."

Gwen Drake: A fellow student from Eric's magical art class, whose identity Michael likes to borrow.

Christophe Duchampe: Aspiring voodoo priest, friend of Eric's from art school.

Samira Binte Shabat Enlil: Temple of Solomon assassin who can kill you three different ways in the time it takes you to say her name.

Marcus Flint: Gypsy and martial artist. Friend of Anne's from Renn Faires and SCA meetings.

Sylvia Franco: Werewolf, agent of the Benandanti, and tutor to Ilia. Talents include astral projection and interior design.

Inga: Viking who spent a few years in Lord Santeri's dungeon before Slayer Club busted her out. The good news: You can go home again. The bad news: Solomon's changed a little since the thirteenth century.

Sister Isabella: Benandanti nun who presided at Erik and Juanita's wedding.

Ralph Jenkins: The Watcher in charge of Sam's Cruciamentum. Also Pandora's father.

Kate: The Slayer a couple dozen after Sam. Sam's spirit guide in her "Slayer Line" dreams.

Dr. Hilda Landis: Martense College archaeology professor and handwriting expert.

Stan Lee: Washed up comic book writer; the most famous person ever to visit Solomon and live.

Father Leoni: Sam's new parish priest and Solomon High's applied theology teacher. Has lots of connections in Italy...and we don't just mean with the Vatican.

Allen Linnell: Tabloid reporter investigating odd goings on in Solomon. This can only end in tragedy (and I don't just mean his suits).

Fionn Mac Cumhail (Finn Mac Cool): Irish folk hero, a warrior and druid from 300 BC. Transported to modern Solomon by an evil druid. Last seen in Ireland looking for a way back to his own time.

Frank Miller: Magician, art teacher, writer of excellent comic books and lousy movies.

Mitch: Mr. Karellan's completely worthless bodyguard. He claims to be a mage, but the only spell he seems to know is Cower. He does, however, brew an excellent cup of coffee, as long as the area around the coffee maker has be thoroughly secured by someone else.

Delacey Otage: A European collecter of rare objects and unusual pets who knows an awful lot about the Orbs of Creation.

Ilia Rastinov: A very powerful witch whose talents include astral projection. She'd be a great person to have on your side if she wasn't thirteen. Now an intern with the Benandanti in Italy.

Sal: Lieutenant in the Rascona crime family. Also an excellent cook.

Uncle Carmine: The new head of what was formerly the Rascona crime family.

Jake Valen: Agent of a U.S. government espionage agency so secret, we can guarantee you've never heard of it. Unless you watched Season 4 of Buffy. Has worked with Joshua's mother, which is kinda creepy.

Blaire Vogel: A down-on-her-luck vampire who Sam has turned into an informant. We'd call that the Blaire Snitch Project, but then someone would have to hurt us, so we won't.

Jonathan Winslow (Whipping Boy): Once just a mild mannered Martense College party guy who Moira was tutoring in history, now proud owner of the world's crappiest superpower.

Daniel Wong: The Watcher who ended up administering Sam's Cruciamentum after the previous team met an unfortunate end.

Enemies and Annoyances

Vampire #1: I'm strictly vegetarian. I only eat house pets.
—2.8 Royalty

Joshua Abernathy: Former professor of Applied Theology, Dean of St. Germain's and (briefly) ruler of the world. Now ruler of a small cell in Jerusalem.

Aimee: She's the new Christine Blackwolf. Well, if Christine Blackwolf hadn't had Slayer training, clawed gloves, a badass attitude, fashion sense, or taste in men.

Madam Aiyeesha: Gypsy fortune teller who tours with Malevolence. Has a Russian wolfhound that's bigger than Melina's lupine form.

Anyanka: A vengeance demon. Patron of women scorned.

Clarisa Coelho: Wolfram & Hart flunky and tour manager for Evilpalooza.

Gerhard Cole: Oxford graduate (despite being German), former friend of Mr. Barrows (despite not being a jerk), and agent of the Illuminati (, actually, he's just what you'd expect an agent of the Illuminati to be like).

D'Hoffryn: Lord of all vengeance demons.

Darlana: A drow-like demon, expert in the longbow.

Lionel Dewey: Lawyer at Wolfram & Hart's London Office.

Count Vlad Dracula: The vamp with the big reputation. Where ever that reputation came from, he probably didn't get it from his fight against Drew and Michael in 1582. Although, to be fair, he was having a bad hair day.

Faith: Rogue Slayer from beyond tomorrow.

George: A chaos demon.

Ivan Federov: An ex-special ops Russian assassin. Former nemesis of Joshua's mother. Since the fall of the Soviet Union, working as a mercenary for somewhat unsavory (not to mention undead) elements.

Harvey: New York vampire gang leader.

T.J. Howard: Toady of Mr. Taylor. Played by David Duchovny, at least in the body that it's currently possessing.

Thomas Howe: Barrister of the Queen's Court, London. Not an employee of Wolfram & Hart, but possibly a stooge for them.

Jessica: A diminutive dancing vampire searching for her sire's killer. Okay, actually not so much searching these days. More like, trying to get her sire's killer out of her shirt, at this point.

Jesus: A Spanish ex-merchant marine sailor now working as a goon for Clarisa.

Abdul Kmet: A Djinn and long-ago enemy and rival of Michael's. But when it's been thousands of years, what's a little ideology?

Koryzoon: A True Demon, currently resting uncomfortably beneath Solomon High. The spider demon temple in his belly is probably giving him indigestion.

Emmanuel Le Strode: Evil auctioneer and patron of the pretentious arts.

Lenth: Demon Zeppo—er, Priest—of the Followers of Mars.

Lloyd: Vampire who sells cursed necklaces and once laired in the dragon caves in the west Texas hills.

Long Fang: New York vampire gang leader. A Mohawk.

Lopez: Muscle-bound, pierced minion of Clarisa.

Marcus: Germanic toady of Gerhard Cole.

Jeremiah Malus: Bard of the Followers of Mars, one of Lady Tori's minstrals. Brave, brave Lady Tori.

Claudia Mauer: Watcher and neo-Nazi cultist. See, if Drew calls Watchers evil enough times, eventually he'll be right!

Anthony Neilson: Resident of St. Ignatius, North Carolina. Former surf shop employee, former God of Thunder, former boyfriend of Amy Wong. See the pattern?

Mr. Nimbus: Evil cable exec (like there's another kind). Last seen being swarmed by angry gnomes. Perceptive viewers will recognize him as Giles's old school chum, Ethan Rayne.

Awasum Raj: A demon who once possessed Russell Barrows.

Hank Reynolds: Malevolence's cannibal stage manager. No, "cannibal" isn't the name of the band.

Lord Santeri: One-footed demon lord who has a score to settle against Sam. And, okay, Tori kinda killed most of his help. And Joshua freed his pet pterodactyl. But I'm thinking it's the foot thing he takes the most personally.

Seere: Demon of slaughter. Not as much fun at parties as you'd think.

Professor Seidel: Former Columbia University professor noted for his researches into physics and necromancy. Now teaches at UCLA where he focuses on dimensional portals.

Doktor Snake: Voodoo priest who tours with Malevolence.

Steve: Vampiric comic book geek.

Tobias: Vampiric comic book geek.

Tragnor: Demon High Priest of the Followers of Mars.

Mr. Tyler: Headmaster of a school of magic in Australia, Oxford graduate, and former friend of Mr. Barrows. Crickey!

Mr. Whitrock: A wizard who likes dressing up like a cowboy. Or possibly an actual cowboy who's a wizard.

Yarrik: Demon Priest of the Followers of Mars.

Bystanders and Vamp Bait

Joshua: Don't tell our driver that. Because, unlike us, he doesn't have a long-term contract for this show.
—SP4.1 Slayer Club On Safari

Councilman James Bright: A former intern of Congressman Sorensen's who is now a neo-fascist member of the Solomon City Council. At least, to hear Erik tell it.

John Czarbach: Andrea's father.

Joey DiMatto: Sam's "Uncle Joey". A drinking buddy of Sam Sr.'s. A butcher in who lives in Schenectady.

Kelly Hargrove: Former St. Germain's student who's parents pulled her out of the school after Bathory took over. Now on the run from the Countess's minions and hiding in with Michael's employers in Israel.

Frank Harris: Proprietor of Harris's Hardware. A drinking buddy of Sam Sr.'s.

Ivan: A former Watcher associate with aspirations to become a Russian mob goon.

Ariel Karellan: Jezebel's mother. Demon royalty by marriage and a powerful witch in her own right.

Theodore Kennison: Former Watcher who resigned in disgust after the death of his Slayer during her Cruciamentum. Retired to a small town in Vermont, which he later destroyed in an attempt to bring her back.

Tom Lassiter: Former SHS basketball star. Amazingly, he survived to graduate in 1991.

Sheriff Adam Lee: Whenever danger threatens his town, you can count on Sheriff Lee to be right there, hiding behind his car and calling for backup.

Emma Lee: Marcy's older sister and predecessor as most popular girl at Solomon High. Solomon Snow Queen 1987–89.

Sally Lewis: Middle-aged self proclaimed aging hippie who ran the Sacred Grounds from 1970s until the fall of 1990. In somewhat ill health of late.

Mrs. Majors: Sam's Girl Scout leader. Will take some convincing before she awards the Demon Hunting merit badge.

Crissa Maxwell: A cute, blonde UNC freshman met on spring break. Erik's first sort of girlfriend.

Misha: A former Watcher associate with aspirations to become a Russian mobster.

Mordy: A Central Park carriage horse.

Mrs. Olsen: Not the coffee lady. This Mrs. Olsen owns an apple orchard. Although she does kinda look like the coffee lady. She could really do with switching to decaf, though.

Walker O'Grady: 11-year-old friend of Robert's from Cub Scouts.

Stan O'Toole: Proprietor of O'Toole's Bar, Sam Sr.'s favorite hangout in his drinking days.

Pundle: Time travelling demon who will move to Solomon in 1995 and end up living in what is currently Kevin's house.

Davey Robertson: President and founder of the Schenectady chapter of AA, where Sam's father sometimes goes to meetings.

Saul: A Central Park carriage horse.

James Silver: Janitor at the TV station. Knows about the supernatural, thanks to a granny who had the Sight. If you want to know about the Great Pixie Influx of '62, he's the guy to ask. If you don't, avoid him at all costs.

Sonia Thompson: Martense College student who obviously didn't get the memo on why so few of her fellow students sign up for work-study jobs.

Maysie Tucker: Friend of the Kesslers' who owns an orchard outside of town where Sam sometimes goes camping.

Olsen Tucker: Friend of the Kesslers' who owns an orchard outside of town where Sam sometimes goes camping.

Valerus: An immortal mage who was one of the founders of Martense. Now on tour with the ska band Mad Cow.

Amy Wong: North Carolina surf shop heiress.

Virgil Xavier: Solomon's coroner and proprietor of the town's most successful funeral home.


The Dead Pool

Sheriff Lee: These things happen. Especially here in Solomon.
—1.3 All A-buzz About Christmas

The Solomon Slain

Mr. Babcock: Solomon High biology teacher and Spinal Tap fan.

Grant Barrows: Russell's father. A professional evil wizard. Came close to getting caught by Slayer Club several times, but close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. Luckily for Mr. Barrows, Slayer Club doesn't carry horseshoes. Unluckily for Mr. Barrows, the same cannot be said of hand grenades.

Countess Elizabeth Bathory ("The Blood Countess"): Known for bathing in the blood of virgins, killing Slayers, and selling French military secrets to the Germans. Also Dean of St. Germain's, which made parent-teacher conferences much more exciting.

Derek Becker: Rival of Joshua's, aspiring to gymnastics gold and world domination. A member of the Nordic Dragon Gymnastics Club, although not one in very good standing after he tried to stop them from ending the world.

Bessie: Goblin demon. Member of Bronzebottom's gang.

Christine Blackwolf: The dark haired Satanic Kitten. A potential Slayer killed in Toronto in 1954. Fond of clawed gloves and playing with her food. Victim of an unfortunate encounter with Hartsdale and a crossbow.

Bronzebottom: Flatulant leader of a gang of goblin demon losers. No, that's redundant; even the goblin demons considered this gang losers. Yow!

Steve Brock: St. Germain's student and Bathoryist. Learned that evil cult rituals are only fun until someone loses a limb. Okay, they can still be fun after that, but only if it's not you.

Tanya Carter: St. Germain's student and Bathoryist. Executed by the Followers of Mars for excessive cruelty to kittens. Girlfriend of Tom Hayden. Back when she was alive, we mean. Hopefully, being dead has put a damper on that relationship, although this is the Buffyverse, so you never know.

Bai Chi: Chinese vampire; member of the Sect of Leaning Heaven.

Percy Evans: Beloved canoe-rental guy and Baal cultist.

Frederick: Eurotrash vampire responsible for the death of Alex. Former partner of Blaire until he was betrayed by her and staked by Sam.

Gecko Man: Can do anything that a gecko can. As long as we're talking about a gecko that's been disemboweled by a cat.

Donald "Farryman" Gibbons: Ex-special forces vamp. Thought his commando training would let him take on the Slayer. Oops.

Coach Franz Gramlich: St. Germain's graduate and leader of an evil gymnastics team looking to unseat Joshua and end the world. Not that those two items were related. Probably.

Joey Hartman: Member of the SHS Marching Band. He died with his sousaphone on.

Traci Helgenbaum: St. Germain's student and Bathoryist. Had a bad evil cult ritual day thanks to the Followers of Mars.

Charles Holloway: Martense Latin professor. So cool, he just had to be evil.

"Bill" Karellan: Viceroy of the Outer Spheres and assorted other long-winded nonsense. Jezebel's father, a demon prince. Noted for his horns and chess skills.

Britta Kessler: aka "The Undead Water Filter". Brought a whole new meaning to the term "Vampire Slayer". Tried to become all powerful and take over the world. There was just that little catch about having to store her power in some kind of physical artifact. In retrospect, a glass bottle may not have been the ideal choice.

Alan Kirshner: Whiny Watcher field agent. The problem with being sent out to find vampires is that sometimes you succeed.

Kitty: A blonde vampire in a demonic Hello Kitty T-shirt. The first girl ever to hit on Drew. Crazy even by Satanic Kitten standards (like that wasn't obvious from the last sentence), she was eventually abandoned by her companions and staked by Sam and Joshua.

Anna Krupp: Potential Slayer under Claudia Mauer's tutelage. In our world, a wannabe who came to a bad end. In Nazi-world, the Slayer and commander of the elite unit of the Nachtgruppen. Still came to a bad end, though.

Professor Kai Leung: Briefly taught Sam's Chinese Medicine class during Winter Study freshman year. Maybe a field trip to Solomon Heights the first week of class wasn't such a good idea, after all.

Alex McClintosh: Scottish exchange student. Despite his prominent role in the series premiere, he wasn't in the opening credits. Not a good sign.

Lois Mercer: Watcher field agent assigned to procure vampires for Sam's Cruciamentum. She procured them; they ate her. Karma's a bitch.

Alexander Merton: The Clark family butler. His deep, dark secret was that he was a demon. His deeper, darker secret was that he was sleeping with Mrs. Clark. Then he lost face and none of it mattered.

Mrs. Newberry: Stephie's mom, Baal cultist, sacrificial victim.

Stephie Newberry (Mesmerix): Popular student with mind-bending super powers until she ran into an even bigger bitch.

Malachi O'Malley: Field agent for the Temple of Solomon who once made the mistake of saying, "Unhand me, young lady" to the wrong woman.

Luke Ottenmeyer: St. Germain's drama teacher and Bathory partisan. Kept trying to revive her (or, at least, her spirit), with limited success and eventually lost his head over the whole thing.

Robert Parelli: Solomon High student, soccer star, cat food.

Athena Petrakis: Once a fabulously wealthy gorgon demon with a whole gaggle of minions. Now just bad art.

Geoffrey Preuter: Elderly British owner of the Sacred Grounds. Vivian's former Watcher. Missing and presumed exsanguinated.

Tony Rascona: A Family friend of Joshua's, who spent an inordinate amount of time decomposing in Slayer Club's secret hideout. Some days, you just can't get rid of a dead mob boss.

Ellen Rosalini: A vampire who could formerly be found as a sculputre teacher at Martense. Jennifer Alvarez was among her students. She can currently be found in a dust buster.

Erich Sahr: Director of Slayer snuff films. Received the coveted "Mr. Pointy" award at the 1990 Solomon Film Festival.

Emilio Sanchez: Martense student, Baal cultist, cat food.

Sekket the Profound: Goblin demon sorceror. Lately, somewhat less profound but more inscrutable.

Snotestone: Disgraced (and disembowled) former royal torturer of Pitsberg.

Gwen Stacey: The red-headed member of Britta's quartet of undead Slayers. A British potential Slayer killed in 1937. Unlike her somewhat nutty companions, she had a good head on her shoulders...until she didn't.

Thermonuclear Man (Nuke Boy): Sure, any old frat boy can get killed by Blackwolf, but it takes real talent to do it without even getting to sleep with her first.

Vivian Ting: Sam's immediate predecessor as Slayer, a pretty, young girl from Hong Kong who Preuter brought to America and trained in the basement of the Sacred Grounds. Outlived her fellow Satanic Kittens, thanks to an excellent sense of when to betray her friends. In the end, though, she took on the real Slayer one time too many.

Thomas: Magic-using hippy vampire gastroenterologist.

Twisted Sister: Known for his famously bad hair, this was the first vampire Sam ever fought. He got away from her (twice) and was eventually staked by Britta.

Vikram: Big, bad, magic using, martial artist vampire. More than powerful enough to think he was a match for the Slayer. Not nearly powerful enough to be right about that.

The Out of Towners

George Cavendish: Kate's first Watcher. Not her last.

Torvald Dragonsummoner: Torsten's dad. Kind of a lich.

Sister Jane: Nun of the New Crusaders.

Luz: Mexican serpent cultist. Pitted her snake mojo against Juanita's. That turned out about as well as you'd think.

Father Marco: Priest of the New Crusaders.

Raphael Taylor: A member of the Bricklayers, now dead. There was an evil guy impersonating him for a while. He's dead, too. We're thinking this is not a good identity to have.

Stan Wilson: Arms dealer whose idea of a fun corporate retreat was summoning slaughter demons. The resulting removal of his high pitched nasal voice from this world was greeted with nothing but joy.

Jonathan York: Dealer in black market occult books. Like that ever ends well.

Gregor Zorkin: Ex-KGB super-soldier, ex-boyfriend of Joshua's mother, ex-owner of a head.

Names from the Past

Thomas Brandt: Revolutionary War-era Solomon town councilman. Survivor of the Columbus Day Massacre.

Richard Burkett: Revolutionary War-era Solomon town councilman. Killed in the Columbus Day Massacre.

Edward Clark: Revolutionary War-era mayor of Solomon. Killed in the Columbus Day Massacre.

David: Former Confederate soldier and minion of Lloyd in the 1880s.

William Dewey: Wolfram & Hart lawyer who lived in Jamaica in the late 17th century.

Ildiko Galert: Romanian Slayer killed by Bathory in the late 1500s.

Joeseph: Former Confederate soldier and minion of Lloyd in the 1880s.

Irene Kessler: Sam's mother. Died of cancer when Sam was five.

Alice Killian: Daughter of Edwin. Killed in the flooding of Port Royal.

Edwin Killian: Major General in the British Army, Jamaican rum mogul, murder victim. Ancestor of Drew's.

James Killian: Edwin's son. Plotted with Wolfram & Hart to murder his father, only to be killed in one of their rituals the next day. Which is why you should never make a deal with evil lawyers.

Margaret Killian: Daughter of Edwin. Killed in the flooding of Port Royal.

Mary Killian: Daughter of Edwin. Killed in the flooding of Port Royal.

Oliver Marshall: Leftenant in the British Army, ne'er-do'well husband to Alice Killian. Killed in the flooding of Port Royal.

Jaramiah Miller: Revolutionary War-era Solomon town councilman. Killed in the Columbus Day Massacre.

Malinda Prisby: Slayer who died under mysterious circumstances in 1988 on her eighteenth birthday.

Mangus Sorensen: Erik's great-grandfather. A professor of archaeology at Martense who made a name for himself studying Viking settlements in America.

Robert Sorensen: Revolutionary War-era Solomon town councilman. Survivor of the Columbus Day Massacre.

Stanley: Former Confederate soldier and minion of Lloyd in the 1880s.

The 1582 Crew

Marcus Harcourt: Sixteenth century English alchemist and demon hunter. A past-life incarnation of Hartsdale.

Donovan Kavanaugh: Sixteenth century Watcher and demon hunter (Watchers were way cooler in those days). Annoyed his girlfriend Melina into turning evil and cutting a bloody swath through Europe (Watchers were still jerks, even in those days). Quite possibly a previous incarnation of Drew.

Sophia Kernig: Sixteenth century enchantress and gadgeteer. Lover of Ewan St. Claire and past incarnation of Sam.

Ewan St. Claire: Sixteenth century Scottish demon hunter. Crafter of fine blades, lover of Sophia Kernig, and past incarnation of Erik.

Valerie: A sixteenth century French Potential Slayer trained by Donovan Kavanaugh. A past incarnation of Tori with less money and worse hair but a really kick-ass attitude.

Kartovil Vastarley: Sixteenth century Gypsy thief, warlock, and reluctant demon hunter. Both an ancestor and a past incarnation of Kevin, which sounds kinkier than it is.

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